What We Offer

St Clare's students receive more than an education - they receive the gift of belonging.

At St Clare’s Catholic High School, our focus is the holistic development of each student entrusted to us. We encourage each student to be the best they can be in all areas of their academic and spiritual life. With a focus on excellence, we provide our students with a supportive and challenging learning environment to ensure they are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to thrive in today’s world.


Quality learning and teaching

Students are supported by professional, dedicated and committed teaching staff, who constantly seek to encourage students to realise their potential and provide the best support to students as they develop into independent young adults. Our teachers are passionate and creative, inspiring a love of learning in students every day. They foster exploration and innovation, drawing on students’ passions, talents and learning styles to create an education that cultivates the whole child - academically, socially and emotionally.

We aim to contextualise learning across key areas and students are encouraged to consider their own experiences within a global context. This is supported through:

  • a BYOLT (Bring Your Own Learning Tool) program that provides students with the digital skills required for 21st century learning
  • a range of classroom media including whiteboards, interactive SMART boards and monitor displays that allow students to present and communicate learning
  • cross-curriculum projects that allow students to gain an understanding of world issues and the relationship they have to a range of Key Learning Areas
  • school-wide teaching strategies that empower students to be proficient communicators and complex critical thinkers.


Creative learning environment

At St Clare’s Catholic High School, creativity is embedded across all aspects of school life. Our teaching and learning approaches maximise the possibilities for innovation and creative thinking.

Beyond the classroom, students participate in a variety of programs and initiatives that allow for the expression of individual voice and talent. Students are challenged to solve complex problems and design, produce and evaluate solutions. We enable this through:

  • school performances, musicals and CAPTIVATE (the creative and performing arts program for Catholic schools in the Diocese of Parramatta)
  • extracurricular opportunities that encourage problem solving and lateral thinking, for example the Chess Club, and participation in a variety of external competitions
  • optional participation in a variety of representative sports such as Hockey, Rugby League, Soccer, AFL, Netball, Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball, Triathlon and Cross Country
  • audio Visual equipment that allows students to capture and edit a range of multimedia
  • well-equipped facilities including kitchens, science, arts, library and technology to provide students with industry-standard experiences in service, arts, technology and hospitality.



By implementing contemporary learning and teaching approaches within a variety of dynamic learning spaces, we provide opportunities for teamwork, shared experiences and appreciation of different perspectives through the communication of ideas and knowledge.

At St Clare’s Catholic High School, staff, parents and students work collaboratively through:

  • a range of opportunities where students work in teams and independently
  • a range of learning experiences in both traditional and agile spaces that support students to learn from and with each other
  • St Clare’s Parent Council works to promote the interests of the school in the community
  • the Student Representative Council and Student Leadership Teams that provide a vehicle for student voice
  • Parent Teacher meetings throughout the year
  • grade camps focused on team and community building
  • sports colour houses.



At St Clare’s Catholic High School, we foster a holistic education where we seek to develop each individual in the name of Christ; a culture of learning where curiosity, enquiry and problem solving are key.

Our students participate in a variety of learning activities, both inside and outside the classroom, that build interpersonal and leadership skills. Students develop confidence through:

  • a comprehensive Pastoral program that incorporates learning activities, setting effective goals and nurturing accountability to develop resilience in each individual
  • experiential learning and problem solving to inspire confidence, independence and achievement
  • being self-critical and reflective learners who implement change in response to timely feedback from teachers
  • the Student Leadership Team and the Student Representative Council who provide a voice and representation for the student community within the school
  • stepping outside their comfort zone through extracurricular programs including the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, public speaking, CSSA debating and oratory competitions.


Leadership Opportunities

Students have many leadership opportunities whilst at St Clare’s Catholic High School, including Student Representative Council where, each year, up to 16 students are elected to represent their fellow students.

The aims of the Council are to promote, encourage and facilitate student involvement in the school and enrich the school community. The Council provides a forum for students to express themselves and also raises money for approved student activities.


Faith Formation

St Clare’s Catholic High School is a place where faith and values are enriched and shared within the Catholic tradition. Students deepen and strengthen their faith through our religious education program.


Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care framework aims to guide the development of Catholic character within each child across our school. The process involves teaching and re-teaching students how to model positive behaviours.

Every teacher at St Clare’s Catholic High School is committed to supporting the young people in their care:

  • to progress their learning
  • to develop a growth mindset
  • to develop behaviour that will help them succeed in life.
  • Our teachers are warm and dedicated, knowing each student in their care and welcoming family involvement in each student’s education. Our counsellor is also available to support our students when the need arises.

    St Clare’s Catholic High School is conscious of the significant influence a school has on each student's growth and development, however, we see ourselves in partnership with parents, deferring to them as the most important people in the lives of their sons and daughters.

    We view the relationship between the school and the families as one of partnership and work hard to maintain a professional, friendly and open approach to working together to support student learning.



    Our school boasts modern and up-to-date facilities including:

    • science labs, art and music rooms, food technology kitchens, textile room, industrial technology work rooms, computer labs, performing arts room and dark room
    • stage area and amphitheatre which lend themselves to Clare Day celebrations, showcase nights and other performances
    • school chapel where regular class Masses are held
    • a fully-equipped library with computers, audio visual equipment and room for class lessons, in addition to the latest literature
    • a canteen available five days a week for recess and lunch
    • interactive boards and projectors
    • water tanks to sustain our grounds
    • large solar electricity panel for energy efficiency
    • a gym, basketball/tennis courts and large areas for outdoor sports and a passive area, providing a pleasant environment at the school while also catering for active teenagers.